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Finding Your Dream Townhome In Seattle

Buying a townhome in Seattle? Looking for an amazing real estate agent to handle the entire process for you? Well look no further as I am the perfect solution to your townhome search in the Seattle, Washington area.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or a seasoned real estate investor, you’ll need help with all the local areas such as Uptown, South Lake Union, Capital Hill or the hip neighborhood of Denny Triangle.  All of these areas contain at least some inventory of living spaces, and townhomes tend to give buyers the biggest bang for their limited buck (compared to buying a single family residence in the same area – which is near impossible in some of these areas).


If you’re new to the area, a good place to find information is to visit  Here you’ll find census data and local statistics that may help you in your search for the perfect townhome.

Why People Love Living In Capital Hill, Seattle


Experts agree that a townhome in any of these areas are an amazing investment, even with the current uncertainties with the real estate market.  There’s several factors that will increase values for all areas:  demand, inventory, interest rates.

Demand for Seattle townhomes is on the rise, primarily because of the tremendous value they offer the average buyer (who is typically prices out of SFR’s). As this demand increases, it will put a strain on the inventory available, which will result in rising prices. But those buyers that see the potential in this market, will keep buying property no matter what the price, as long as there is accessible, low interest financing available.

Financing a townhome is no different in Seattle as it is in San Diego, Orlando, or Chicago…it’s a pain the rear.  With the collapse of the housing market in 2008, most lenders are tightening up the requirements to qualify, requiring a larger down payment and vetting the borrower more carefully. Lower interest rates don’t make it any easier to get a loan, but they do attract more buyers into the markets (which is a good thing if you’re selling your property).

Finding the right townhomes for sale in Seattle should not be a difficult undertaking.  Simple call me and I’ll run a complete listing of all active listings, the asking price, and all comps (recent sales) in the local area.  This will give you an instant “snapshot” of what the current market looks like – and what kind of prices you should be paying per square foot of living space.


Seattle Townhomes For Sale

Finding the perfect townhome for sale in Seattle is what I’ve dedicated my real estate to.  Let me help you find your dream home today.



The real estate market can be difficult to figure out:

Where do I buy?

How much should I pay per square foot?

Are there townhomes in Seattle that I should avoid?

What are the right questions I should be asking my real estate agent?

My years of experience and area expertise allows me to help my clients like no one else. Not only is my niche townhomes, but I live in Seattle, and I own several townhomes and rental investment properties.  I practice what I preach – I’m ingrained in the market I sell in.

Location is the biggest single factor that will determine price.  I have listings for townhomes that start at less than $200,000, to luxury Seattle townhomes that exceed $1 Million dollars (at that price, you’re buying one of the premier properties on the market – and should expect top level service and support).

The next biggest cost factor is square footage and upgraded interiors.  Obviously the bigger the space, the more square feet you’re paying for. In most complexes, the Home Owners Association applies monthly fees called “HOA dues” based on the size, and possibly the location within the townhome complex.  For a smaller sized unit, your monthly Home Owner’s fees may be $200 per month.  But if you have a larger unit closer to the health and spa complex, your HOA fees may top $400 per month for the same townhome complex.

As a certified Realtor, I’m versed in many rules and regulations, known as CC&R’s, and can advise my clients as to which CC&R’s may hinder what the customer ultimately wants out of their home.  If you have pets, and the property prohibits dogs larger than 40 pounds, these are very critical details that other real estate agents in Seattle may miss, putting you in a very difficult place (sell your townhome, or get rid of your pets).  We’ll work together to map out your vision for your purchase, what your interests and expectations are of the property.

I found this quick video about buying a condo or townhome, and he gives some great information.  I found this at


Townhomes for sale in Seattle can be a wonderful investment, even with recent shifts in the real estate market, purchasing this type of property is relatively safe and secure, if you’re into the buy-and-hold method. These types of property are in high demand as rental units (be sure to check the CC&R’s for the rules about converting yours into a rental).

If you’d like a free report about which questions to ask, simply fill in your name and email address and I’ll send you the report FREE!  I’m always available for a free real estate consultation to evaluation what you have to sell, or what you’re looking to purchase in the Seattle area.  Please call me direct at 888-555-1212.

Townhome Benefits And Pitfalls

There are many benefits and pitfalls to owning a townhome.  But if you have the right knowledge and help, a townhome can be a solid investment and bring years of enjoyment and comfort.

Regardless of your budget, there’s a piece of property with your name on it, and townhomes make it more affordable for most people to enjoy the benefits of ownership.  You receive all the same tax benefits of property ownership, but often a lot less of the expenses of a single family residence.



Let’s look at some cons to owning a Townhome:

  • Shared walls – your neighbors are close
  • HOA Dues – pays for common areas such as landscape and pools
  • Smaller footprint – typically townhomes are smaller in size
  • Restrictions on customizing – little or no customizing is the general rule without permission
  • You must follow the CC&R’s (learn more about CC&R’s at

But all the benefits of Townhome ownership far outweigh the cons!

  • Priced less that a single family residence – accessible to more income levels
  • No hassles with upkeep – may include landscape, exterior walls, paint, roads, etc.
  • Includes extras – benefits often too expensive to own such as pools, spas, gym etc.
  • Offers a closer sense of community with neighbors – perfect for networking and support
  • Safer environment – close neighbors offer extra level of protection and awareness
  • General Governing body to speak to about the complex – rules and regulations
  • No need to worry about “sloppy neighbors” – CC&R’s protect a high level of consistency
  • In most cases, you own the “ground” your townhome sits on (PUD)
  • Great resale value, or easily converted to a rental unit if you ever move out

As you can see, there are some very valuable benefits to being in a townhome, and finding the right one for sale is easy with a great real estate agent.


I provide my clients with up to date listings, prices and a vast knowledge of the Seattle Real Estate townhome market.  I’ve been selling townhomes for years, and have extensive knowledge about CC&R’s, the pitfalls to watch out for, and can offer some of the best financing referrals in the industry.

When you’re finally ready to buy a townhome in Seattle, please consider calling me for a free, no obligation assessment of the current inventory.  I can be reached at 800-555-1212.

Picking A Real Estate Agent In Seattle

Picking a real estate agent in the Seattle market can be a daunting task.  There are some amazing real estate agents with years of experience marketing townhomes.

As you shop for Townhomes in Seattle, I’d like to offer a few key points of differences to look out for when selecting your buyer’s agent:

  • Make sure the agent holds a Realtor designation (learn more at
  • Preview the agent’s website to determine their community involvement
  • Analyse the agent’s recognition, certificates or national associations
  • Determine if the agent is willing to be flexible around your schedule
  • Ask if the agent is well versed in the Seattle Townhome market

Selecting the right agent must be a good fit for you, and the agent.  Remember, the agent is there to assist you with the searching and locating of property that fits your style, budget and parameters.  Additionally, the agent should be extremely comfortable with the area of your choosing, and the type of structure you’re in the market for, like townhomes, single family residences or apartment complexes.

Not only should the agent have experience, but they should be ready to fight for you, to get you the best possible price for the property you’re selecting.  Their knowledge of state law and local zoning laws should allow them to help you assess if the property would make it through escrow without incurring major renovations or added costs.

In this blog, we’ll cover different aspects of the best ways to purchase a townhome in Seattle, WA.  For your free real estate assessment, please contact me at 800-555-1212 or email me at